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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins First read January 11th, 2012April 28th 2013I picked this up last night for the second time, just to read for a few minutes before bed. I ended reading it right to the end. Typical. It is such an amazing contemporary romance book. What girl doesn't want to go to boarding school in PARIS and meet a charming English/American guy?? The setting really draws you in, but it's the characters that really keep you interested. Especially √Čtienne St-Clair. He's swoon worthy. I wish there would have been more French in the book as well. It's my first language, so it would have been fun to see √Čtienne speak some beautiful french. ANYWAYS, all I can say is that Stephanie Perkins knows how to draw you in, and keep you interested right until the very last page. Amazing books.I stand by my first rating. 5 stars! Definitely one of my favorite YA contemporary reads.Now to reread Lola and the Boy Next Door :)