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Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi I can start of by saying I preferred Unravel Me to Shatter Me. Mostly because of Warner. I know most people hate him, but I can't help loving him. There was a lot more insight into his character and I'm so happy about that. He is very misunderstood. ANYWAYS.There was action, romance, tears and a little laughter stuffed in. It was a great read. It's only major downfall is that the story is mostly build around the romantic relationships found within the story. Which leaves a lot of questions unanswered when it comes to the world building. We saw a little more in this book, but not enough to really give a complete sense of the world we're in. I really enjoy certain characters, especially Warner. He is kind of mysterious and dangerous. I like that a lot. It doesn't hurt that he's gorgeous and has that bad boy thing going on. I like him enough to even be the annoying girl who says: "I'M TEAM WARNER". Which I know people hate, because they think he's insane and psychotic and cruel and they don't think there should be any teams at all. Well you know what???TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER TEAM WARNER I also really like Kenji. We got to see a little more into his life and personality. He's more than just a jokester, which was fun to see. On the other hand, Juliette is a little whinny and childish for my taste. I can definitely say that by the end of the book I liked her more. I'm really excited to see how she is in the final book.Rating: 3.999999999. A little more insight into their world would have given this a 4.Lastly, CHAPTER 62. *SWOOOOOOON* (drools all over self)