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Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi I am so HAPPY that Tahereh wrote this. I was always curious, interested and fascinated by Warner.I still think he is somewhat sadistic and manipulative (and many more bad things), but now I understand him. He hasn't had it easy. Seeing his real motivation behind "obtaining" Juliet changed my perception of him quite a bit. Also seeing his emotions... it was great to see that he isn't just what he portrays himself to be. He can be kind, and caring. He just wasn't brought up in a loving environment. I get him.I just want to see it all play out. I can truthfully say that if she were to choose Warner in the end, I wouldn't even be surprised. It could go both ways.GAHHH, Warner. I love me some Warner. Now I am definitely ordering Unravel Me. RIGHT THIS SECOND. .....I just really wanna know his first name. Dammit.