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Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson I really could have given this 5 stars, the plot and writing was definitely worthy of it. My ONLY complaint about this is that the ending was too abrupt. I don't like that after things finally started happening at the end.. it just went too fast. I wish there would have been a little more at the end. BUT, it was still an amazing read. I loved the characters. I relate to Amy is so many ways. She is pretty damn tough, especially with everything she's been through not only with her Dad, but with her brother and mother. She's basically on her own to deal with all these emotional issues, but she always puts on a brave face. I don't think I would have her courage.Then there's Roger.. I LOVED ROGER. I can't really say that there is one ultimate reason as to why I loved him so much. I just loved his personality, and all his friends that we meet along this epic detour made me like him so much more. Anyways, READ THIS BOOK. my review sucks.. but it's my first. and I just wanted to give a reason for my 4 stars.