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Requiem - 1. Happy with who Lena ended up choosing. It's who I would have chosen.2. As a whole, this was really great. Read it in one sitting. Could not put it down!!3. The ending was kind of abrupt. I wish there would have been more of a conclusive ending.. It felt so open ended.4. I wish there would have been a LITTLE more cheesiness to it. I'm not one for anything too cheesy, but I felt like there wasn't much at all. Which is both a positive and negative aspect of the book, in my opinion.5. It's definitely my least favorite of the three, but still one of my favorite books/series.6. Hana's POV was better than I expected, but I still wish Alex would have had some POV chapters in there as well.So my rating is more around 4.5 stars. And as much as I was on the fence about both guys, I was somewhat rooting for one a little bit more than the other... He was just, the one I wanted. So yay.