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Walking Disaster: A Novel

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire I loved reading Abby's and Travis' story from a new POV. Travis was a lot easier to understand once you were inside is head and could really see his emotions and his train of thought. I still stand by my review for Beautiful Disaster: They are completely fucked. It is and shall always be a clusterfuck of a relationship, but this time, I was wholeheartedly rooting for Travis. Even when he was at his worst. I wanted Abby to really see how he was changing, not because he needed to, but because for the first time in his life he was letting someone into his heart and it was making him a better, albeit still very flawed man.I'm so sad that their crazy roller coaster of a story has come to an end. The Epilogue was a nice touch. Wasn't exactly what I would have expected, but it gave the characters and the story closure. It didn't leave you wondering about anything. It was plain, simple and pretty much perfect.I love Travis Maddox. He is one crazy bastard, but I loved every second I spent is his passionate, insecure, and completely wonderful mind.