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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare First read February 27, 2012This year will be a year of rereads I think. So many good final installments/sequels coming out. Clockwork Prince was one of my favorite books of 2012, can't wait to reread it. I am still on no "TEAM". It's impossible to choose between Jem and Will. How do you choose, seriously.. they are both amazing. Can`t wait for Clockwork Princess so we can finally know how it all ends. I have a few theories, hopefully some of them come true. They would be mind blowing.Update after finishing it for the second time (March 6, 2013)I am most definitely on Team Will. I love Jem, but he is no Will. 13 days until Clockwork Princess... I just don't even know how I'll wait another two weeks before finding out who she picks, what happens with Mortmain, WHAT TESSA IS. DAMMIT I WANNA KNOW WHAT SHE BLOODY IS ALREADY........and just reading about William Herondale. He's pretty SWOON worthy.